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Akoya Pearls

akoya pearls

Succumb to the perfectly round shape and eye-catching luster of these distinct pearls. Enduring in quality and timeless in their appeal, our latest products are a favorite with brides to be.

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"Pearl selection was fantastic at various price points and colors, and shipping was super fast. The packaging of this jewelry is absolutely beautiful as well. Its like opening a beautiful present to yourself."
"Pearl selection was fantastic at various price points and colors, and shipping was super fast. The packaging of this jewelry is absolutely beautiful as well. Its like opening a beautiful present to yourself."
Suzanne Z. -
June 3, 2024
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The Pearl Source Comprehensive Guide to Akoya Pearls

More Information On How Akoya Pearls Are Made

Cultured Akoya Pearls from Akoya oysters are the most abundant type of saltwater pearls on the market today. Jewelers commonly use this classic pearl type to create elegant pearl necklaces.

In addition to elegant necklaces, often a bridal favorite, Akoya Pearls are also used in the creation of other types of jewelry, such as pearl earrings or Akoya pearl strands.

An Akoya pearl looks exquisite when paired with other gems in jewelry. Style these pearls with white gold clasps or yellow gold posts, and you have a masterpiece with a gorgeous luster sure to last a lifetime.

From A Small Oyster To a Beautiful Gem

Unlike Freshwater Pearls, which are formed in mussels (specifically a freshwater mussel), Akoya pearls are delicately formed in the pearl Akoya oyster – or Pinctada Fucata oyster. The Akoya pearl oyster is the smallest used on commercial farms for most retailers and sometimes produces perfectly round pearls, almost always with an impressive pearl luster.

The superior gem quality of this cultured pearl and signature roundness derive from using a tiny piece of mantle tissue and mother pearl to compose a bead within the Akoya oyster, which then goes on to become the pearl’s nucleus during the pearl formation process.

Where Does the Akoya Pearl Come From? The Story of Mikimoto

Hailing from Japan, fine Akoya Pearls are farmed to produce cultured pearl strands with stunning consistency, which has seen them revolutionize the world of fine jewelry. The first Cultured Pearl Akoya was made by Kokichi Mikimoto, whose father was a noodle store owner, in 1893.

Little did Mikimoto know, his method of manually stimulating production from Pearl Akoya oysters would go on to change the landscape of fine jewelry production in Japan forever.

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Style: From the Classic White Pearl to Bold Shades

The Akoya pearl – a gem in an enticing range of hues. Japanese Akoya Pearls come in a lovely array of neutral colors, ranging from your traditional white color to black Akoya Pearls. You will also find similar styles with grey and soft pink overtones, or green or silver overtones.

This color choice makes them an exceptional gift and a wearable addition to any outfit, as their highly reflective surface luster can be effortlessly paired with other pearl types, diamonds, and gemstones (or even platinum and gold color jewelry for the complete experience!).

The Different Types of Akoya Pearl Shapes

The shape of your pearls is an important consideration, both in terms of value, sophistication, and how they will complement other items in your wardrobe.

Available to purchase in a range of sizes up to 11mm, you’ll find they tend to fit into one of four average categories: round, drop, baroque, and circle baroque.

Because Akoya shapes are generally round (unlike most Freshwater pearls), it is simple to ensure all of your pearl jewelry matches. Alternatively, for a meaningful gift, why not treat your loved one to a sophisticated Akoya Pearl set? A beautiful, blemish-free, high-luster bracelet, together with matching earrings and a necklace is the perfect way to show your appreciation, care, or mark that special celebration.

For more news and information about the difference between pearl shapes and pearl sizes, you can visit our dedicated online Education pages or contact us via phone – we would be delighted to answer any queries you might have.

How to wear and style your Akoya Cultured Pearls

We recommend wearing your pink, green or silver Akoya Pearl necklace, pearl earrings, or Akoya Pearl bracelet with a flattering high or scoop neckline and beautiful diamond jewelry. See how the superior nature and form of an Akoya pearl elevates even the most basic of outfits and layers into a sophisticated ensemble.

Wherever you are, a high-quality pearl or quality Akoya jewelry piece from our range is the perfect gift and way to showcase an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Discover the value of exquisite details, and the skill of exceptional craftsmanship, by opting for classic necklaces, studs, dangle pearl earrings, elegant rings, and lustrous bracelets.

Why choose Akoya Pearls over other kinds of pearls?

A sought-after accessory by women all over the world, these stunning gems are a more affordable alternative to higher price Tahitian Pearls. Most people wear their Akoya Pearl pendant, bracelet, or earrings to their most formal events, weddings, and family gatherings.

An Akoya pearl generally averages around 7mm, but larger sizes are also available. When compared to Freshwater Pearls, Akoya pearls tend to be more expensive, while the former is considered a lower budget option. They feature highly reflective luster (with Hanadama Akoya Pearls presenting the highest luster of all), comparable with the South Sea pearl varieties. The vast majority of Akoya pearls present round shapes, with many even perfectly round.

The beauty of an Akoya pearl is unmatched. Due to their roundness, history, and mirror-like surface sheen when held to the light, top-quality Akoya Pearls are also very much considered one of the most famous lustrous white pearls you can purchase from the pearl industry.